What is Pinoy Sports Blog?

Pinoy Sports Blog started in 2003 at havnanby.blogspot.com, moved to galwinfabian.com in 2007, then moved to its present URL, PinoySportsBlog.com, in 2012. Pinoy Sports Blog aims to provide useful sports related information and resources, especially for high school and college athletes. It is one of the leading sports site in the Philippines, covering local and international amateur and professional sports.

For sports enthusiasts, this site seeks to present information that you will appreciate, most notably those that follow their amateur (school, college, university) and professional sports teams and players.

For fellow student-athletes, this site is dedicated in helping you understand the balance between academics and sports required of every student-athlete for a successful life in school, and out. Your guide for participating in a fulfilling educational and athletic experience.

Here you can learn various guide for the college bound student-athlete, and discover how you can go pro not just in sports.

The contents of this blog may contain a variety of content from several sporting events I follow and to non-sports related issues. You’ll also find articles about the student-athlete’s the author had the opportunity to talked with.

What drives the the passion?

I feel truly blessed to have been recruited to play for my school, to earn full athletic scholarship, and to graduate as an engineer. I believe that sports is a powerful force for good in our country – it brings people together. A lot of people ask why I blog and why sports. In a nutshell, it is a written dedication to promote sports, especially varsity sports.

I hope that through this, I would be able to light some souls and promote sports, the passion for it, and to reignite school spirit.

Ultimately, my mission is to teach young sports enthusiasts how they can utilize their athletic skills to go to college for free by playing the sport they love.


When I grow old, and assuming that I would, I’d like to see myself as a respected sports evangelist, or a promoter of an international language – sports.

I also aim to promote sports as a daily thing in life, for people to have a lifestyle that is more physically active.

Truth is, as an athlete I still aspire to be like Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Micheal Phelps, and Manny Pacquiao. But I know my student-athlete days are over and even if I keep on playing, it’ll be a long shot and almost surely will never happen. I spent most part of my playing career as a regular jock, never as exemplary as those that played their discipline at its highest level.

But at the end of the day, I’m just glad that I am living, loving, and celebrating sports.

Why Pinoy Sports Blog?

I have been an athlete since the age of five. When I learned in high school that doing sports could give me some incredible benefits for playing the sports I truly love, I made myself more competitive. I pushed myself. Since then, attending high school and college was much more fun for me.

Sports is my lifestyle. That’s one of the reasons why, in my own simple way, I’d like to give back something to the sports community. I’d like you to do sports, be fit, and live a healthy life.

Who writes this stuff?

I am Galwin Fabian, the person and author behind Pinoy Sports Blog. I am a B.S. in Computer Engineering student graduate from Mapua Institute of Technology and former captain of the Mapua Table Tennis Team.

You can follow me on Facebook , Google+, IntrepidWanderer.com, Lakbay.TV, and Twitter.